Church Tour


We begin with a view of the outside.  To the right is the body of the church and to the left is the church hall.


We enter through the main entrance of the church.  There is another opening on the opposite side.


From the front door, we enter into the narthex. To the right are the doors to enter the church.


From the vestibule, we enter into the body of the church.  Immediately, upon entering the church, our new confessional is on the left hand side.  This confessional was dedicated to the now Blessed John Paul, II.  It was Blessed John Paul, who gave us the beautiful Encyclical “Dives in misericordia” (Rich in mercy). Traditional in style, yet, both sides are well lit for the comfort of the penitent and the full formula of the ritual to assist anyone who may need assistance during reception of the Sacrament.

The nave of the church, looking toward the sanctuary. As Jesus entered the temple, he shouted out:  “My house shall be called a house of prayer”.  All of the renovations in our church have been directed at leading us into the presence of God.  The Catholic church is meant to lift ones mind and soul to God and give us a desire to enter into a deeper union with Him.