Renovations in our church

Here are a few pictures showing the changes to our church since July of 2002. You can read about the whole renovation here.

Holy Ghost - July 2002

Holy Ghost – July 2002

Holy Ghost - July 2003

Holy Ghost – July 2003

Holy Ghost -2014

Holy Ghost -2014


Renovations in our church — 11 Comments

  1. I hope one day the Churches in my area will start doing the same. Unfortunately it will probably be a while before the resistance dies off it seems. Our diocese has one seminarian, maybe he will change everything.

  2. Your church is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on bringing God’s home back to the palacial home it should be!

    I wish our church would do the same thing. I miss my Catholic looking church. I feel as if I’m going into a Protestant church…it’s stripped down and nearly echoes with the emptiness. Our tabernacle is in a small closet size opening at the side with only room for 2 seats/kneelers. No railings either – statues look like modern art with no facial expressions or beauty.
    There is such a void!
    I go to my old parish most of the time (about 20 extra miles each way) because the actual church structure is more ornate even though they have also removed the railings and the statues look like lifeless chunks of wood.
    People don’t kneel to receive the Eucharist and most people receive in their hand and just walk away without any reverence at all. Some chew gum all the way up to receiving!!
    I hope people will pray for the beauty of churches to return because there is such a sense of being in God’s house when it looks like a palace.

  3. Father, this is a beautiful transformation! I love how the parishioners participated and poured their hearts, talent and labor into it, just like they used to do in old beautiful churches of years ago
    Where did you get the altar? Did the parishioner who is a woodworker make it?

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