Church Tour 4


From the Baptismal font, we were made children of God, Original Sin and all of our sins were washed away and we were filled with the Holy Spirit. Behind the baptismal font is a shrine to St. Pio and to the right is the cry room, which allows the children to see what is happening at the altar.


To the left of the sanctuary is a reproduction of Raphael’s Disputation of the Most Holy Sacrament.
Our church has a number of saints and religious images.  In the sanctuary on the left hand side is the statue of Our Lady of Grace, to the left is St. Joseph.  In the far left of the church is a statue of St. Jude and next is the image of Divine Mercy.  To the right of the sanctuary is the image of St. Pio and in the cry room, St. Anthony and a mosaic of the Holy Family.  In the choir are is the original statue of St. Therese of Liseux from the old church.  On the left hand side as one enters the church propers is a picture of Blessed John Paul II.
The choir is in the back of the church in order to lend focus to the altar of Sacrifice.

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