Holy Ghost – Coat of Arms

Designed by Enzo Parrino in Rome, Italy for Fr. Finelli. Description of the Coat of Arms follows:

A shield with a blue field on which is placed the dove which is the symbol of the Holy Ghost and two “moline crosses,” below the dove, taken from the diocesan herald, a symbol of the anchor of the State of Rhode Island. The waves symbolize our closeness to the ocean, and the Ocean State. The gold netting is taken from the shield of the Town of Tiverton. It also represents the water and a fishing net. The Church is the “fisher of men.” The shield is surrounded by the Latin words: “Veni, creator Spiritus, mentes tuorum visita, imple superna gratia, quae tu cresti, pectora.” (The first stanza for the Latin hymn: “Come, Holy Ghost.”) Translated: “Come, Creator Spirit, visit the souls of Your people, Fill with divine grace the hearts that You have created.”


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