Missa Cantata

Our 1st Annual Altar Boy Camp will take place this week and close with a Missa Cantata on Thursday at 5:00 pm. All are welcome and encourage to come support and pray for your Altar Boys.

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Missa Cantata — 1 Comment

  1. Father,

    This past Thursday was my first time visiting the parish. Of course I didn’t comprehend most of the Mass, with exception to the common parts that I recall from previous Latin Masses, but I was overcome by a sense of inner serenity.

    My spiritual life is a maelstrom of confusion and bitterness. I feel as aimless in my spiritual wilderness as the Israelites were in the physical wilderness. The angelic voices of the choir filled my ears with gladness, and that reverberated to my soul.

    Thank you for this beautiful Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. God bless you and yours.