Liturgical Linens

Many Catholics do not know what Liturgical Linens are, let alone the care in which they should be treated. There is a great post on the care of Liturgical Linens by a priest friend of mine, Fr. Jarabek. I suggest that you all check it out.

Earlier today I was laundering and ironing some liturgical linens over at Holy Rosary, and I posted this photo on Facebook:

Facebook: show-and-tell for adults.

Among the comments it received, a brother priest suggested that I explain how to launder liturgical linens. Since I am getting ready to conduct training on this in my two parishes, I will take him up on his suggestion. So here goes.

First we need to think about some general details. These linens are used for various purposes. The three basic types of linens that are most often laundered are:

1. Corporal
2. Purificator
3.Lavabo Towel (also call a Finger Towel)

Read the rest on Fr. Jarabek’s blog.

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