A few pictures from Candlemas

Update: See more pictures here!

Here are some picture from the Missa Cantata on the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (February 2, 2014).

The celebration begins with priest, vested in cope, and servers processing to the altar for the blessing of candles.

Candlemas group photo


Candlemas procession to the altar

Candlemas - distribution of candlesDistribution of candles

Candlemas - elevation of the consecrated host

The first elevation

Ecce Agnus Dei ... (Behold the Lamb of God)Ecce Agnus Dei … (Behold the Lamb of God)



A few pictures from Candlemas — 2 Comments

  1. Father,

    It is very possible that I’m coming to Newport for a couple solid months of training via a secondary Navy school. I hope so, because I have absolutely fallen in love with your little parish all the way here in San Diego.

    God bless you and yours. If you could, please say a prayer so I may very well end up that way for a bit! This Maine Catholic boy would be more than thrilled.

    • You will be most welcome and it will be a blessing to have you with us. We have a number of families that come from the Navy school. God bless and send me an eMail when you are coming.