Is the Church really being persecuted?

A book was recently written by a “theologian” in a Catholic university that claimed the early Christians never suffered persecution. She even went on to say that some of the early Christian martyrs were made up by the Church. I think she is dead wrong. What kind of a theologian is she? This woman must come from some distant planet that doesn’t know the history of the Catholic faith. We have had many severe persecutions, right from our early days.

But what about now? Is there really a persecution, or do we just distort the facts. George Weigel, author of the best-selling biography of Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope recently wrote an article “The Church Persecuted.” In it, Weigel wrote:

Thus a single page of a recent issue of Touchstone noted that some 1,200 Protestants are being imprisoned in shipping containers in Eritrean desert camps where “torture is routine”; that Mostafa Bordbar, a 27-year-old Christian convert, was arrested and charged with “illegal gathering and participating in a house church” in Iran (a sobering reminder to those bears of little brain who discern a new “moderation” in Tehran these days); that Kazakh Christians, many of them converts from Islam, are “encouraged,” by the arrest and imprisonment of their pastors, to refrain from evangelism; and that a Muslim leader in central Nigeria regularly abducts Christian girls and women and holds them captive in his home, in order to compel their conversion (or reversion) to Islam.

There is indeed a great persecution of the Church today. But, one must look beyond main stream media to get the facts.

Read the whole article by George Weigel at FirstThings.

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