+ Fr. George Almeida – Rest in Peace

I am very sad to report that our good friend Fr. George Almeida passed away suddenly this morning (Wednesday, June 27, 2012).

Fr. Almeida celebrated the 7:00 am morning Mass at my parish, administered the Sacrament of the Sick to a parishioner before heading to another parish for a second Mass.  After finishing Mass, he returned home to the Priest’s Residence.  In the words of one of his fellow priests in the retirement home: “We had finished having our usual animated breakfast and we left the dining room about 10:30 to go to our rooms. The housekeeper found him on the floor in his room about 11 AM. He was already dead.”

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+ Fr. George Almeida – Rest in Peace — 4 Comments

  1. We lost a wonderful Priest and a friend. May God grant him Eternal Rest. I have no doubt that his Beloved Mother Mary, who Fr. Almeida had such a strong devotion to, has already carried him to her Son.

  2. Father George Almeida was my spiritual director and confidant for many years. He always had a rosary in one hand and his brievary in the other hand.

    I have such respect for Father…he taught me many things about the Catholic Church and the importance of the Holy Sacraments and living a joyful holy life.

    We were friends…I trusted him with my joys and sorrows and he would always make me feel worthy again. We would laugh and share our one glass of zin and a lunch at the Venus de milo when I was in town. I’m sure those waitresses will miss him dearly as he was always teasing them and making them feel special. Father Almeida had a way of making every body around him feel special and loved. The Holy Spirit truly worked through him.

    Father Almeida lived a life of joy! He loved His faith and was always talking about the Holy Trinity and Our Lady and heaven. He always had a smile for everyone. I never heard him say a discouraging word. He was never too busy or too tired to hear a confession or lend a helping hand and was one of the most cheerful givers I have ever known.

    Holy Mass and Holy Hours and the Holy Rosary were his life. I am not surprised Our Lady took him 1st class to heaven on the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help! Father Almeida’s life was dedicated to helping anyone he could each day. Thank you Father Almeida for all you did for me and for all your prayers to get me through hard times.

    I will miss you with all my heart. I believe you will now be my saint in heaven til we meet again!

    My love & prayers always are yours Father Almeida, Barbara Kaurin

    ps I pray the priests continue to water your flowers around the Blessed Mother statue in the back of your residence!

  3. We will miss a very, very good servant of God, Father George Almeida.

  4. Fr. Almeida came to our Parish I beleive in 1988. One of his accomplishments there was to establish a Knights of Columbus Council with a few of us who were already members. On Suoerbowl Sunday he convinced this group of men to come to a meeting and eventually join a new Council. He became our Chaplain and even after his tranfer and ultimate retirement he remained our Chaplain until his death. He was always totally supportive of us. He later also became our Faithful Friar with the 4th Degree. I served as both Grand Knight and Faithful Navigator durin his Spiritual guidance. I will always be eternally grateful for his complete deication to all of us Knights and for getting our Council started at Holy Family. We are still a very active Council. I was honored to be able to attend both his Wake and funeral.

    John Plentus, PGK, PFN
    Holy Family Council 11510, East Taunton, MA
    Brother Robert L. Nichols Assembly, Attleboro, MA