Padre Pio Night

Fr. Pio Mandato will lead a Saint Padre Pio Night.  Fr. Pio’s family came from the same village as Padre Pio.  Fr. Pio’s parents had close ties to the saint.  He and his brother Vincent received their 1st Holy Communion from Padre Pio.

Holy Hour • Talk on St. Pio • Healing Prayers

September 24, 2011
7:00 PM 


Padre Pio Night — 1 Comment

  1. Wow to the AMAZING PEACE that has returned back to my soul…..Life and it’s overwhelming problems have been my constant companion for the past 5 years. Financially on the brink of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure has never left my thoghts for the past 5 years and I pray alot…….I never realized how much hope and peace I had lost never mind my Passion for Life….. but after placing the Glove on my head and the prayer from the Fr Pio …I felt an amazing, totally transformed, soul centered Peace, that has removed all the root worries from my Heart, Mind and Soul. It’s all for the Glory of Jesus thru the powerful intercession of St Padre Pio and his faithful brother Fr Pio Mandato…………..Thank you Jesus for these servents you brought into Holy Ghost church September 24th 2011………

    PS ….The WHOLE WORLD could also find this Grace , Peace and Healing and be totally transformed, if that glove could touch more wounded and broken souls…..That’s why Jesus came and he will come again……Thank you and God Bless….BM3rd