Dale O’Leary workshop

Dale O’Leary will hold a workshop on her book “One Man One Woman” at Holy Ghost.  Please join us for this informative and timely talk.

March 3, 2011 – 7:00 PM

Holy Ghost Church Hall

Dale O’Leary is an award-winning journalist and internationally known lecturer on marriage, feminism, life issues, and the Culture War. Her previous book, The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality, has been published in three languages.

About her book:

From global U.N. conferences to small parish gatherings, for over a decade veteran pro-family advocate Dale O Leary has been fighting against the redefinition of marriage, and educating others to do the same. But along the way she has continually encountered one dismaying problem: earnest people who want to defend the traditional definition of marriage one man, one woman but who find themselves unable to counter the many myths and misunderstandings spread by gay-marriage propagandists. The first ever marriage-defense book written with Catholics in mind, One Man, One Woman does not merely quote Scripture; it builds on the philosophical personalism of John Paul II and the natural theology of Thomas Aquinas, and treats marriage in its sacramental fullness. And yet it does much more than unpack Church teaching: One Man, One Woman uniquely draws together every facet of the gay marriage issue: politics, biology, social science, religion, philosophy, and social activism. O Leary bares the ideological roots of gay activism, dissects its tactics, and gives you the tools to defeat it in your local school or city hall. She unearths long-suppressed research demonstrating the real cause of same-sex attraction (scientists have never found a gay gene and never will). She shows how marriage redefinition in Europe and Canada has already taken a predictable (to all but the radical social engineers behind such experiments) toll on marriage rates, family stability, and the well-being of children. And she points to ominous signs that the United States is on a similar course: towards a future in which marriage is voided of meaning, religion is censored of its bigoted teachings, and schoolchildren are forced to tolerate sin and sickness against their parents wishes. But the fight is not lost yet, and O Leary includes a twelve-point practical strategy for protecting the ages-old definition of marriage. Whether you re collecting ballot signatures, building ecumenical coalitions, or just trying to answer the challenges of a friend or relative, One Man, One Woman is your single source for the understanding your need to defend marriage with truth and compassion.


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  1. your church is beautiful. I am excited that virginity and purity is on the rise again. after all this time in the free love culture the young can see clearly a better choice. there is too much sadness in alternative life styles. but the hope of many may be in something like born again Viginity I hope the catholic church gets something like that cuz i am staying catholic. You guys are not booting me out like apparently you might have Magdeline. ps please dont ask for money Im just looking.