Praying in Ars

I spent Easter week on retreat in Ars. The Lord, needless to say, is truly life-giving, truly involved in every aspect of every human’s life, and truly wants us to know Him. I got to know Him just a little bit better this past week entering into this retreat.

St. John Vianney is a saint for the ages. In a time when the church needed a shining light in the darkness of indifference. This poor parish priest lived out real humility with a love that can only be found in the heart of Jesus. I had a wonderful time learning about him, the town of Ars, and the way the Lord worked in them all. There are so many graces in Ars, that will take me years into my priesthood.

Well, here are some pictures.

God Bless

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5 Responses to Praying in Ars

  1. Betty Souza says:

    Nick..these pictures are so BEAUTIFul..thanks for sharing.

  2. Terry Cote says:

    Hi Nick,
    The pictures are just beautiful and the clouds were amazing!
    Is St. John Vianney incorrupt? Were you also at Lourdes?


  3. Jane Ferrelli says:

    Hi Nick:

    Loved the pictures. Hope all is well with you. You’re always in my prayers. Jane

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